Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2016 Hollywood Guests!

new  Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2016 

Hollywood stars (Nicholas Hoult , Claire Holt ,Millie Bobby Brown and Joe Dempsie )-joined force to give some joy and memorable moments for the Filipino Fans of Pop Culture in SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia. The event run for 3 days ,starting from  August 26 to 28 of 2016 .


As one of the participant , i got to see a lot of  local celebrities and international cosplayers , like Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao as Dragon Girl .She is one of the judges in the The CAGE competition of Cosplayers and im one of the lucky guy to have a picture with her ”(coz this time its free haha )”, She has been cosplaying for almost 12 years since 2003 and has been named the most popular cosplayer in the world by a recent article .

   The CAGE was awesome ,actually its my first time to attend a cosplay event and it went well for me , i enjoy it .The coolest part of it was some of the cosplayers used some recyclable materials that can be use for their costumes , its time consuming . tons of effort were needed and ofcourse money or capital to make it ,but the good thing is if you win the competition u will get a total of 24k dollars or a 1 million Pesos.

cvxx2 The CAGE (Cosplay Authority Global Challenge)

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August 27,2016 (APCCPH2016)Highlights 

        There were a lot of events on the second day of Asia Pop Comicon like they finally introduce Millie Bobby Brown to us ! The coolest part of it she showed us her eleven death stare that make her popular in the Hit Series “Stranger Things”.. 


Millie Bobby Brown known also a Eleven in the Netflix Hit series “Stranger Things” The 12-year-old Spanish-born British actress started her career at the age of six when she was cast as young Alice in the fantasy series “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.” But it was her breakout role this year in Netflix’s “Stranger Things” as Eleven, a young girl with psychokinetic abilities, that has turned her into a global phenomenon.

On her interview she was asked :

On having Eleven’s powers:

If I need chocolate or something, Eleven’s powers would definitely be very helpful. If I’m in an audition, I’d like to know what they’re thinking. Like, ‘Oh they don’t like me, let’s leave.’

On Eleven’s now famous stare:

This was my own idea. I wanted to do a stare that would creep people out, would look really bad-ass and very original and [so] I came up with that.

She posted on her twitter account 

Millie Bobby Brown on Twitter: “Hi everyone! Finally in Manila! And very tired! 😌 very excited about today guys! Spreading the love to all of you!!! …

All I can say about Millie is , she is a very talented young star ,a lot of room for her in Hollywood to have lead roles even if its drama ,comedy or sci fi movies . A really talented young girl .

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Next we got  Claire Holt 


Claire Holt   – is an Australian born actress , first became popular amongst US audiences on the Nickelodeon series H2O: Just Add Water in the role of ‘Emma Gilbert.’ Claire went on to shoot the lead role of ‘Lindsey’ in the Screen Gems film Messengers II: The Scarecrow, opposite Norman Reedus, and produced by Sam Raimi.

Claire continues to appear in the CW hit series The Originals, in the lead role of ‘Rebekah.’ Claire previously originated the character as a series regular on The Vampire Diaries.

Some trivia about Claire :

In her spare time, Claire enjoys Tae-Kwon-Do, swimming, volleyball and water polo.


At the event , she was so simple but gorgeous on the way she look on her meet and greet and interviews 

On her Interview at the comicon she was asked on :

Whats your favorite dessert Claire ?

“its Tim Tam I love it” , she said .. 

in the way she answered those questions in the interview  , you can really see that Claire is so funny and a down to earth actress.

Claire will next be seen playing the lead in the underwater psychological thriller 47 Meters Down opposite Mandy Moore, for director Joahannes Roberts and the Weinstein Company. The film was shot on location in London and the Dominican Republic. 

Hope to see her again , with matching  selfie with her 🙂

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WonderWoman Of  APCCPH2016

      So the place of the event was huge , there were a lot booths side by side that sells toys , t-shirts , foods , posters and etc. What took my attention  was this girl wearing a Wonder -woman costume who looks like a manikin or a living doll near the Superheroes Store but its not just me who wants to have a pic with her , there were a lot of crowd who wants too haha . Her name is Ameera Johara Clark also known as Philppines’s WonderWoman.am



ASIA POP IS The best event  I’ve been with this year looking foward for next year  ! Continue reading